Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My new bean bag works well at Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge

I received my new bean bag support as mentioned in the 1/1/2010 blog post.  I am in Southern Indiana and stopped by Muscatatuck NWR about an hour before sunset tonight. I made the auto tour rounds with the bean bag on the driver's side window sill and the Canon 7D/500f4 rested on top of it as I drive around looking for raptors.

The idea is to use my car as a blind and be camera ready to get those shots I have been missing by getting out of the car, etc. I filled the bean bag product with bird seed for two reasons, if I need to dump the contents (to reduce weight), the bird seed is a benefit to the birds as food and I have bird seed readily available if needed for set-ups.

The bean bag is heavy. It feels secure thus no fear of it flopping around or sliding off.  The bean bag provided a steady camera/lens support in lieu of a tripod or monopod. I would highly recommend it. I am very happy with this bean bag.

I saw one bald eagle.. I didn't get a decent shot of it (as it was flying over my car when I saw it). I found several hawks (6-7) mostly red-tails.

Here is an image of a red-tailed hawk taking off from a tree today. I like his head poking out from the wings. I feel I could have used a little higher shutter speed. This image was at 1/1600;  f5.6, iso 400 at 700mm and the image was cropped.

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  1. A fantastic image, Mark!

    May I suggest the "Beanpod" as a great bean bag lens support for other readers?


    Cheers, Mark (UK).