Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 5: The Iowa Bald Eagles >>> ICE STORM TODAY!

One word describes today... Ice!

My customers cancelled today and tomorrow. All Iowa schools are closed. The entire area is under an ice storm warning for the next 24 hours. My car is iced over. I am stuck inside in Iowa. I hope to depart Thursday as scheduled for Rockford, IL. The winds are gusting to 30 mph, the Mississippi River is rough, and I assume the eagles are hunkered down as well.

There will be no photo ops today.

Another cool thing about traveling and photography is that you meet other photographers from all over the USA.  Here, I met photographers from Ohio (Cincinnati), Illinois, Wisconsin and yes, even California!

I asked the guy from California, "wouldn't it be closer for you to go to Alaska to shoot eagles instead of Iowa ?"... He said, "Yes, it would be closer but it was far less expensive to travel here than Alaska"...

Bottomline: If you want to shoot eagles, live in the midwest and can't afford to go to Alaska, then Iowa/Mississippi River is THE PLACE to be in January/February each year ! I agree, except for the weather being less than ideal...I have been very happy with my first trip here.

Look at the bright side (no pun intended) with this weather, I didn't have to worry about blown-out highlights and shadows!

I am posting two pics today. The first one showing photographers lined up along the Lock and Dam boardwalk on Sunday, January 17. The second pic (from yesterday) shows the split second an eagle snatches a fish from the water! Click on the pic for a larger view.

I will post a final installment (Day 6) tomorrow night.

Thanks again for following my blog!


  1. Awesome shot Mark, you're right about the light being well suited for these types of shots. Have a safe trip back.


  2. I echo Jim's sentiments--be safe in traveling back.

  3. Mark, with not the best weather this week you have just another reason too back, Thanks again Jim, WI

  4. Great shot! Keep safe and warm. Love you blog.