Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 2: The Iowa Bald Eagles

It was a foggy start today...the fog lifted around noon but we had grey skies all day. The weather didnt stop the eagles... We had about the same number of eagles today (vs. yesterday) and again,  lots of activity! At one time, we had 3 eagles fishing one right after the other.. like airplanes coming in for a landing... it was really something to watch and photograph!

MPEGer Tom and his wife arrived today.

There were several photogs there today. We saw more juvenile eagles today than yesterday. I have a few nice tree portraits of some juveniles.

Tomorrow's forecast is the same, cloudy... but it really doesn't matter as just being around these awesome creatures, makes the sun shine in your spirit!

Be sure and check back tomorrow for Day 3. I am hoping to see the sun before I leave here Thursday.

BTW, I have another 40GB of images from today!  Good thing I bought a 1.5 TB HDD recently!

Here is a pic from today of an adult bald eagle with his dinner!


  1. Mark,

    Looks like a blast, I have to admit I am envious as it looks to be a wonderful trip, Great shot of the Eagle returning with dinner.

    Im gonna make it up there if we get another COLD spurt with sun on a weekend, sometime in Febuary...

    Great shooting, hope the sun god's bless you with some descent light... Happy shooting!!!


  2. Awesome! It looks like you are havng a rockin' good time! Keep having fun!

  3. That one shot would've made the trip worth while for me! I don't envy the editing you're going to have to do though :)

  4. How exciting! Hope you get some sun real soon. Great shots!