Thursday, January 14, 2010

HDR Photography is Everywhere... Love it or Hate it ....but it's Everywhere....

I visited a Barnes and Noble this week while I was on the road. I make two stops at least. The first at the magazine rack to see what's new in photography magazines (boy, the UK sure puts out alot of them!) and I stop by the digital photography shelves and see what's new there....

At the magazine rack, I saw at least 4 magazines this month with HDR (high dynamic range) photography on their cover as a main article inside. The articles speaking about realistic HDR vs. surreal, etc.

The book shelve has titles like Practical HDR, The World in HDR, HDR Photography workshop, Complete Guide to High Dynamic Range Photography and now, they have High Dynamic Range Photography for Dummies!  I own them all...

I have been doing HDR since 2007. I use Photomatix Pro ($99) . I have tried other software but Photomatix Pro is still number 1, IMHO. HDR Soft now offers Photomatix Light for $39.00

You have to love it!  HDR is nothing more than a technique to allow you to capture the high dynamic range of a scene (what your camera sensor can't do with a single image) to reveal details in the shadows, midtones and highlights!

Embrace HDR .. it's easy!

Here is an example of what HDR can do for you....


  1. HDR is wonderful when it is not overdone and yes the UK puts out alot of photography magazines! :-)!

  2. You have realistic, surreal (painterly) and grudge HDR... it's your choice as an artist! I like them all depending on the scene.

  3. HDR is one part of interesting in photography..try it..once you know how to do will be addict to it