Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Change Your Location!

My nature photography friends often "complain" that they have "nothing to shoot". The reality is you can only shoot your "backyard" so much and then you have to change your location!

Even if you lived in Yellowstone, at some point, you will want to change your location!

Changing your location means walking, hiking, biking, driving, flying to somewhere photogenic that you have not shot before and shoot something new! Great photo ops just don't fall into your lap, YOU have to plan and develop them. It may cost you money to change your location.. gas, airfare, hotel, etc...but if you don't change your location, then you have nothing new to shoot!

Visit a State/National Park, National Wildlife Refuge, Wildlife Areas.. there are MANY places to go and shoot.. Go find them and take great, NEW photos!

Short Eared Owl ( Killdeer Wildlife Area, Harpster, OH)

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