Friday, January 8, 2010

Gadget Bag: Field Storage - Outdoor Photographer |

I use a Vosonic MSV, the VP8870. I found the Vosonic VP8870 to be inexpensive and it does the job. I download my RAW images to the Vosonic at the end of a day's shoot (like in Yellowstone). I view the images for sharpest and histogram viewing. I use the VP8870 only for photography. Uploading images from the VP8870 to my iMac (into Lightroom) is fast!

You have to be careful with the CF slot as the pins can easily become bent if you are careless about inserting and taking the CF card out of the slot (been there, done that!). The small battery doesn't have a long life/charge. You can purchase extra batteries. I keep the battery charged with a car charger during the day.

For the money (approx $200-300 USD depending on the HDD size). The Vosonic VP8870 is a winner! The Vosonic is sold here in the USA.

Gadget Bag: Field Storage - Outdoor Photographer |

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