Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 8: Yellowstone / Grand Teton National Park Trip - 2011

The plan today was to explore GTNP more and hopefully see the coyote pups again and some interaction with their parents.

We left West Yellowstone around 6:00 am and arrived in GTNP around 8:00 am. We saw a nice grizzly bear along the road on the way in with a bear jam but we didn't stop. We figured, "ah, just another grizz."

On to Jackson Lake dam, we saw an juvi eagle perched in a tree but he/she wouldn't fly for me, and some pelicans. We drove from the dam to Moose junction looking for moose but none seen then on to Gros Ventre Road and no moose there nor the campground area (but Jim Brown reported getting great pics of moose several hours later!).

Moving on, we visited the site of the "Shane " cabin. The cabin was used in the 1953 movie, Shane. See pic posted above.

Feeling adventurous, we drove by Miller Butte (no big horn sheep found), then on to the Curtis Canyon overlook. I came across a unique landscape op on the way back from the overlook.

We then grabbed some lunch and met up with Cindy, Wilma, Jim and his wife and MPEG professional member, Ed Heaton and his son at Mormon Row. This was the first time,  Ed and I (and the other members) have met. Ed is a very pleasant guy.

I am sorry to say the coyote pups were NOT seen from sunrise up to 2:00 pm today. I suspect Mom and Dad have relocated them because of all the car and human traffic in the area. This makes our coyote images from Wednesday even more rare!  We enjoyed watching those guys/gals and I hope they survive in the Tetons. Wait until you see some of these images.  Really, really special.

We decided to head back to Yellowstone but stopped at Jackson Lake dam again but nothing going on.

I spoke with several people and YNP was pretty quiet today. We explored from Hayden Valley to Fishing Bridge to Mary Bay and nothing.  We headed back to Hayden Valley and two grizzlies are spotted a few hundred yards out and one was headed our way.

A photographer with a long lens (it looked like a Nikon 200-400mm) decides she is going to walk out TO THE BEAR coming our way. The folks, watching the bear,  tried to talk her out of it (this is a very stupid thing to do...BTW). She walked about 80-90 yards out, had second thoughts and retreated back to the cars.

What in the world is wrong with people? An experienced wildlife photog should know better, IMHO.

We decided it wasn't worthwhile to hang around as the light was really low. We had dinner in Canyon and returned to West Yellowstone around 10:00 pm

We have a 4:15 am wake up call for Saturday. We plan to be in Lamar Valley by 6:30 am and finish this amazing trip with a BIG BANG by covering the whole eastern part of the Park.

Wish us luck!

Stay tuned for Day 9 (FINAL blog post) tomorrow.


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