Friday, February 19, 2010

MPEG Iowa Eagles GroupShoot: Day 1

We made it to Iowa! We have 15 MPEG members for a total of 21 in attendance.

We had decent light (bright overcast) for today with many eagles and good activity... many fishing events, aerial battles for fish, etc. and some great portrait ops.

Tonight, 1-2 inches of snow forecasted, snowing ending in the morning and we expect mainly clouds tomorrow after 1:00 pm tomorrow.  A snow storm is headed here Sunday evening but all of us will be on our way home Sunday morning with the storm following us to Cleveland!

Overall, it was a good day and many members are realizing how difficult it can be to photograph eagles as they move 50-100 mph in their flight activities.

Here are two images from today. Click on each image to enlarge it.
(1) An eagle retrieves a fish in the snow.
(2) An eagle calls for his mate in a tree overlooking the Mississippi River.

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